Fun with FAQs: Part 1 (GGB Filler Manifesto)

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Goody Bag Filler Manifesto from Goody Go Bags - Fun with FAQs: Part 1

Hi friends! We know we're new to the block and that people never read FAQs (according to science or the internet). Nevertheless, because we are indeed here to help make your life easier, here is an important question and answer from our FAQs.

You can read all FAQs and be totally prepared for Fun with FAQs: Part 2!

Are all of your items the common "junk toys" that we see at party stores, bulk buy stores, or import stores--and in other pre-filled treat bags? Because I can TOTALLY buy those myself...

Goody Go Bags works carefully to offer an intentionally curated filler stock for every bag we sell. All of our bags have fillers from a variety of suppliers and with a variety of type of item. If we have included an item, then you can be assured that it has passed our tests for quality, engagement, educational value, and economy (and every once in a while, nostalgia, e.g., spider rings at Halloween).

All of our kid-targeted bags have themes--and an agenda:

  • At Goody Go Bags, we believe in the value of education. All of our bags for school-age recipients will include educational tools or activities.
  • We are very aware of the health issues that can surround typical goody bag candies and foods--from food allergies to diabetes, gluten sensitivities, chronic inflammatory conditions, sugar sensitivities, etc.--so we don't include edible items because the safety risks to too many people are too big, particularly when those too many people might not be great at weighing costs and benefits versus a peanut butter cup (who is?!).

  • We really really REALLY try not to include items that could be obviously used as makeshift weapons. Really. Kids are very creative, and we celebrate that, but we want them to have to work to figure out how to terrorize their siblings.
  • And speaking of creativity--with most bags, we like to offer some method of providing recipients with a creative outlet (but, again, trying to avoid weaponry as an obvious genre). It might seem simple to grown ups or teenagers (obvs), but a tiny stamp or sticker sheet might be something new and just the thing to get those wheels spinning!
  • Finally--noise. There are plenty of children AND adults who have a wide range of noise sensitivities and reactions to those. We strive to keep item noise at a minimum in order to respect those in the vicinity. Please believe, we know that noise is a TON of fun--but we also know that having to calm a child with noise sensitivities in the middle of a fun party or trying to keep your own cool in the midst of overstimulation is NOT. You're welcome!

Plus, remember that with Goody Go Bags, you're not just getting treat bag fillers--you're also getting high-quality containers (often with custom-made toppers or labels, or otherwise sealed attractively) PRE-filled and PRE-assembled, DELIVERED to your door, at a REASONABLE price per bag. 

So, are you with us?! Or do you see goody bag fillers differently? Let us know your thoughts by taking the poll below (there's a discount in it for you!) or in the comments! Comments are moderated, so BE NICE. :)

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Thanks for reading-

The Gang at GGB


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