Busy People with the Best Intentions

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Busy People with the Best Intentions (BPBI)--the all of us who are trying to survive the parenting years, the working years, the supporting years, the caregiving years. We mean well, we want to help, and we want to make it look easy...yet sometimes, all we like sheep have gone astray: forgetting Big Deal things, failing to delegate (so failing to deliver), looking flustered and fumbling. It can feel like no matter how hard we work, there's always something else around the bend ready to trip us up!*

When you check out the articles at the bottom of this post, you'll see they all have in common: the expectations exceed the energy--the time energy, money energy, mental, physical, social--ALL of the energies! Busy people are not merely prioritizing poorly; most of us truly have the best intentions and want to meet all of the needs, but we're very bad at asking for help to do so.

That's why we have to collaborate to graduate, fellow travelers! Goody Go Bags takes just that one party or room parent or church staff expectation out of your hands and into your mailbox. No more last minute shopping trips for goody bags, settling for treat bag fillers that might be noisy or unhealthy, and scrambling to get those party favors where they need to be. No more spending time trying to figure out what goody bag fillers will be both interesting AND budget-friendly AND acceptable to all other parents ever. No more "just checking online" for party favor ideas and then taking hours tumbling down so many Pinterest/Wikipedia/Facebook rabbitholes that you are just too drained for anything else (what?!...nooo...).

Goody Go Bags aren't everything, but they're a start! Let us handle the treat bag shopping, filling, and assembling for you. We are happy to help: We do the work. You get the credit.

Fellow BPBIs, please let us know any other ideas for collaboration in the comments below or through Contact Us.

Meanwhile, check out our Back-to-School offerings or fall activity items.

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*ETA 7/29/2018, ongoing updates: For further reading:

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