Goody Go Bags

GOODY GO BAGS are a time-saving, sanity-saving solution for Busy People with the Best Intentions (BPBI): room parents, classroom teachers, homeschool leaders, after-school programs, tutors, librarians, parents, church staff, grandparents, babysitters, and coaches. Leave the hassle of shopping, choosing non-offensive (and safe!) items; filling bags; and assembling each goody bag to us, so that you can take time doing things that matter to you. 

Each bag you receive is already PACKED and ASSEMBLED with items that are NON-FOOD, NO NOISE, INOFFENSIVE, and SAFE.

  • Basic bags typically average around $3 per bag while providing high quality, varied fillers. Assortments will always vary.
  • Deluxe bags typically average more than $3 per bag, with wide variation depending on the theme. Filler items typically include specialty items in addition to or in lieu of some of our usual items. Assortments will always vary.

All you have to do is find a bag that works for your event and your budget, remember that you bought it, and mark it off your list!

We do the work. You take the credit.

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