About Us: Busy People with the Best Intentions

Have you ever scrambled for last minute teacher gifts? Or filled paper bags with "found" pencils, stickers, or candy from your home or vehicle for the class treat bags that you forgot? Or realized that you spent more money and time on birthday party favors than the venue or cake or actual kid?

No? Then you can probably stop reading. Our hats are off to you because we DEFINITELY might have done one or all of the above or possibly worse. Not because we’re lazy or negligent or malicious--we promise we have the best of intentions!--but we get busy, and forgetful, and stuck with a time/money/energy constraint. And part of the problem is that...

Our 2010s goody bag culture is out.of.control! There are goody bag, party favor, treat bag expectations for so many events, and they have become more elaborate in the last decade as we have turned to blogs, websites, and gurus for ideas that aren’t always realistic or successful IRL.

Goody Go Bags provides our fellow in-the-trenches Busy People with the Best Intentions (BPBI) with the time-saving convenience of pre-filled, themed goody bags--no shopping or assembling required for you beyond the purchase of your Goody Go Bags.

Literally (literally), all you have to do is REMEMBER that you bought Goody Go Bags and MARK THAT OFF your list. That's it. Take your gift of time and spend it with your favorite kid or 30! Or spend some "you" time refreshing for your event! Or whatever you do in your "spare" time (which is none of our business)!

Goody Go Bags--We do the work. You take the credit. 

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