Why are there only 4 or 8 bags in your Goody Go Bags packages?

Have you ever found yourself with a lot of leftover odds and ends after putting together treat bags? We sure have--and we never felt quite comfortable just discarding everything, or giving all of those to our children (who already have toy debris tracked in every room of the house), or donating our random leftovers to someone who would clearly recognize that they were random leftovers.

Or have you ever wanted to purchase other pre-filled treat bags for your group of 12 or 17 or 22, but found that you could only purchase bags in lots of 30?

We usually package 8 bags into our Goody Go Bags that are theme-focused for classrooms, church groups, after-school activities, teams, or some kinds of parties. These groups tend to be somewhat larger, but not necessarily LARGE--for example, some classrooms or birthday parties have 30 students, and some have 7. By packaging in quantities of 8, we give our Busy People options to meet their needs while also reducing the hassle and expense of dealing with unneeded bags and possible waste. And in some situations, we can then offer even more flexibility with one or 4-packs of that same theme with the "leftovers". 

Sometimes, we package 4 bags into some of our themed bags that are more typically used for smaller groups, such as sleepovers, some birthday parties, treats for adults, and others. The same reasons apply as with 8-packs: these groups tend to be somewhat smaller, but not necessarily SMALL. Hopefully this reduces hassle, expense, and waste, too.

Are all of your items the common "junk toys" that we see at party stores, bulk buy stores, or import stores--and in other pre-filled treat bags? Because I can TOTALLY buy those myself...

(Please see Fun with FAQs: Part 1 for community discussion of this question.)

Goody Go Bags works intentionally to offer a carefully curated filler stock for every bag we sell. All of our bags have fillers from a variety of suppliers and with a variety of type of item. Certainly, some items might be called "common junk toys", but if we have included an item, then you can be assured that it has passed our tests for quality, engagement, educational value, and economy (and every once in a while, nostalgia, e.g., spider rings at Halloween).

All of our bags have themes--and an agenda:

  • At Goody Go Bags, we believe in the value of education. All of our bags for school-age recipients will include educational tools or activities.
  • We are very aware of the health issues that can surround typical goody bag candies and foods--from a wide variety of food allergies to other health concerns such as diabetes, gluten sensitivities, chronic inflammatory conditions, etc.
  • We really really REALLY try not to include items that could be obviously used as makeshift weapons. Really. Kids are very creative, and we celebrate that, but we want them to have to work to figure out how to terrorize their siblings.
  • And speaking of creativity--with most bags, we like to offer some method of providing recipients with a creative outlet (but, again, trying to avoid weaponry as a genre).
  • Finally--noise. There are plenty of children AND adults who have a wide range of noise sensitivities and reactions to those. We strive to keep item noise at a minimum in order to respect those concerns for all those in the vicinity. Please believe, we know that noise is a TON of fun--but we also know that having to calm a child with noise sensitivities in the middle of a fun party or trying to keep your own cool in the midst of overstimulation is NOT. You're welcome.
Plus, remember that with Goody Go Bags, you're not just getting treat bag fillers--you're also getting high-quality containers (often with custom-made toppers or labels, or otherwise sealed attractively) PRE-filled and PRE-assembled, DELIVERED to your door, at a REASONABLE price per bag. 

    Why aren't there Activity Bags with supplies for more than 1, 2, or 3 individuals?

    Our Activity Bags are geared toward more to an individual adult or child, one-to-one, or one-to-some adult-child interactions or supervision: home activities with parents, grandparents, babysitters, or caregivers; friend activities that are not group events; multiple opportunities for one child or adult to practice or craft; practicing a specific skill or process; gifts; or exploring a new type of activity for fit and interest.

    So that was a mouthful to say that these are truly not for group activities. ><

    Can I choose what's in each goody bag?

    The products in all of our Goody Go Bags are curated around specific themes. Every individual goody bag in a Goody Go Bag has identical contents. We include pictures and descriptions of our filler items for each GGB so that you know exactly what you're getting. So when you choose your theme, you are choosing the contents of each individual treat bag in that unit.

    If you wanted a different situation--say, individualized goody bags for all 8 boys at your son's birthday sleepover, rather than 8 identically-themed goody bags--then we would love to work with you on a Custom Goody Go Bag order HERE

    I have a great suggestion for an Activity Bag or Goody Go Bag. How can I request this?

    Oh my goodness, we LOVE great suggestions here! Please feel free to use the Contact Us form HERE or to email amanda@goodygobags.com directly. We might not always be able to reply immediately...or later...or at all, but we truly would be grateful for insight into ways that we can take something else off of your to-do list! <3 And we will work hard to see what we can offer that is reasonably priced, safe, and interesting.

    I don't get your "Extra Goodies". Like, do they even HAVE bags???



    No they don't.

    Well, some do sometimes, but they are not here to be parts of bags. They are here because they offer the Gang some inspiration, encouragement, new opportunities, new ideas, or sometimes just simply convenience. There's more to us than just Bags, although having simple, low-cost solutions to some daily complications is always a goal--but we are also parents, educators, creators, seekers, scrappers, stitchers, appreciators, readers, clutterers, and life-long learners ourselves.

    These are just Some of Our Favorite Things, and since we like them, and we like you, we thought you should both meet because you would TOTALLY get along...

    For a better glimpse into Goody Go Bags, check us out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodyGoBags. Hopefully we won't be in the middle of something embarassing...

    I love what you do and would like to work with you in your mission. Are you hiring?

    We are always interested in chatting with someone who is interested in us! Please email partners@goodygobags.com with your preferred contact information and let us know what you're thinking. We will follow-up and see if the time is right for a new relationship, or if we can get to know each other collaborating in another way.

    I love what you do and would like to offer my products or services through Goody Go Bags. Can we chat?

    Absolutely! Please email partners@goodygobags.com with your preferred contact information and any websites or other venues where we might see your completed projects, in-progress projects, inspirational sources, and/or other work that you want to show off (we love to ooh! and aah!). If things seem like the right time and a good fit, we'll see what we can work out.

    My question isn't listed. How do I contact you?

    If your question is related to an order or payment, please email customerservice@goodygobags.com. You can expect a response within 2 business days.

    Otherwise, you can use the Contact Us form HERE, or email inquiries@goodygobags.com.