Come Over All the Time! A Creative Guest Book from Free Period Press

Free Period Press

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Can you remember every play date or sleepover guest you had as a child? Wouldn't it be remarkable if, in your doddering and creaking old middle age, you had an authentically playful memento to review fondly and torture your teenager's friends with?

Come Over All the Time! A Creative Guest Book by Erin Guido, Lora DiFranco, and Trish DiFranco of Free Period Press, is a breathtakingly fetching child's memory book disguised as an engaging partner play activity, icebreaker, or boredom buster. Your child's guests of ALL ages take a page or two and claim its brilliance for themselves by responding to the prompt and leaving their name and date of visit.

The conversation that will emerge between your child and guest--or that can be facilitated or modeled for children with emerging social skills--will be a connection that is activated every time they look back through the book. The process of finding a page and completing it can open doors toward collaborative creative problem-solving and relationship-building.

Plus, it is just so stinkin' GORGEOUS! We have no objection whatsoever to making this a coffee table book or cubicle decor or taking it to Book Club or filling in the whole thing by your own Grown Up self! So you might want to snag two of them...


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