Deluxe Pre-filled Pre-Assembled Treat Bags (4pk): Smile Emoji Theme (Unisex)

Goody Go Bags

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The DELUXE PRE-FILLED PRE-ASSEMBLED TREAT BAGS (4pk): SMILE EMOJI THEME (UNISEX) individual goody bags each offer 9 creative play items for hours of entertainment, even after the...

  • party
  • playdate
  • scout meeting
  • church event
  • family night
  • skills group

Why choose Goody Go Bags' Smile Emoji theme party favors?

(1) They are PURPOSEFUL: This is not "junk for junk's sake." These carefully curated items offer different ways for children to explore their creative sides, use their imagination, and experiment with different methods or media, with very low "cost". In social situations (e.g., parties, playdates, and basically everything listed above ^^^), children are exposed to others' approaches, ideas, problem-solving techniques, and ways of knowing or exploring--yes, even for yo-yo-ing or cardplaying! Who knows? Maybe some kid you know is a cardshark or yo-yo master in the making? Or...maybe yo-yo-ing is harder than they thought? #growthmindset

(2) They coordinate with widely available POPULAR PARTY THEME decor (SOLD SEPARATELY). Party planning made easy! #keepitsimple

(3) TWO BIRDS: The Smile Emoji goody bags are both party favors AND party activities--two items to mark off your to-do list with one purchase! Saves you time AND money! #bonus

Specific items include (assortment will vary):

  • (1) full deck mini cards
  • (1) handmade unisex smile bead bracelet
  • (1) sturdy smile yo-yo
  • (1) self-inking emoticon stamp
  • (1) pencil
  • (1) notepad
  • (1) glitter emoji ring
  • (1) plushy emoji keychain or backpack fob
  • (1) smile eraser

Items enclosed in coordinating transparent poly bags and sealed with coordinating sticker. A BONUS pencil sharpener is included in each unit for adult use only or with adult supervision!

Contents may shift during shipping, so some adjustments before use might be necessary.

WARNING: Choking Hazard--small parts. Not for children under 3. Manufacture recommended age 5+. Plastic bags not intended for toys. Use with adult supervision.

Assembled with a positive attitude in the USA from parts manufactured in China, Taiwan, and USA.


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